Medical Intuition, Certified Metical Intuitive, Life Readings, Mentoring,Spiritual Healing Inspirational Guidance

Rev. Cay Randall-May, Ph.D.

Medical Intuition = intuitive scan of physical body, biofield, deeper issues (where pertinent, possible approaches to well-being (see disclaimer)

Although Medical Intuition uses the word “medical,” it is not to be considered the practice of medicine or a substitute for licensed medical or psychological care, diagnosis or treatment, but rather a skill designed to support all healthcare practices. (

General Life Readings =  Life purpose,highest use of  talents, career development, increasing abundance, recognizing and changing negative emotional or cognitive  patterns, relationships, past life influences, dream guidance, para-normal experiences, etc.

Projects = Scientific/Technical product development, overcoming blocks to creativity, optimizing team efficiency and success in business,  curriculum development and planning, etc…

Mentoring = Individualized intuitive development, increasing high sensory perception (including remote viewing, inter-species communication, dream interpretation, telepathy, mediumship). (NOTE: Dr. Randall-May offers individual mentoring on a strictly limited basis.  She does not teach classes or workshops. She does not provide certification or accreditation.  All mentoring is on a  one-to-one, individually designed basis.)

Spiritual =Prayer/Spiritual Healing Inspirational Guidance. Rev. Randall-May offers prayer and spiritual guidance on an ‘as needed’ basis.  Details are arranged specifically and uniquely to need.


Intuitive guidance is available to you no matter where you live; no need to leave your home.  Cay Randall-May, Ph.D. offers affordable consultations via telephone, SKYPE, or ZOOM.

Single Session

A single session lasts up to approx. 1 hour


Three Session Bundle

($25 savings) offered to same client. Can include 3 of the same type sessions or a combination of different types (for instance, a Medical Intuitive session plus a General Life Reading or a Project session). Payable upon order. Sessions to be completed in 3 months from initial order or as soon as Dr. Randall-May's schedule allows.


Subscription Opportunities

Ask how you can subscribe to Dr. Randall-May's intuitive guidance on a regular basis for a reduced rate (cost to be determined individually dependent on the subscription duration and frequency of readings during the subscription period).

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